Friday Installment of Cheap Date Night Thursdays

Colby and I had about our 7th cheap date night since we decided to start having it. This time it was Colby’s turn to take me on cheap date night. We went to Captain D’s, which is great! I haven’t been to a Captain D’s in a long while. For some reason it is packed with older people all the time–but we had a great time. I had chicken and fish, Colby decided on shrimp and crab cakes…Mmm. I spilt ketchup all over me because I thought I could carry 7 of those cups filled with different condiments. I love getting those cups, but I think we went a little overboard.

After our fantastic cuisine we traveled to the $2.50 movies. This particular movie theater plays the movies after they’ve had the 15 minutes of fame. We picked out our movie and had time to go to a used book store across town, I bought: Charlotte’s Web, and Bridge to Terabithia- Both fantastic children’s books. Colby bought Life’s Greatest faces or something to that nature- It was only 1.00. Then after shopping the bookstore for about 40 minutes we traveled back across town to our movie: Mission Impossible 3…Good in my opinion. After the movie we came back to the apartment where I enjoyed some Tin Roof Sundae…..I love that ice cream.

Dinner: $14.00
Movie: $ 5.00
Books: $ 1.00
$ 20.00

Seeing the look on Colby’s face when I said I was hungry again: Priceless

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