The Art of Pill Popping

I’ve always been a pansy when it comes to taking any sort of pill. Big pills, small pills, in between pills. Once when I was highly medicated, due to surgery, my mom came into my room with some ibuprofen. She handed me a smoothie and told me to take these pills. I proceeded to put the pills in my mouth and begin to chew. Now mind you that I was so drunk on meds to begin with that I didn’t listen when she said “DON’T CHEW EM’!” Needless to say it was a horrible experience and I still remember it like it was yesterday.

Now I can’t even take very very tiny pills. Here is what I recommend to help ease the pain. I walk into the kitchen grab the big bottle of apple sauce that Colby and I keep on hand and stand at the sink with it like it’s a bottle of rum. I tip up the apple sauce jar and throw in the pill-one at a time is always the best route- Then normally I can’t even tell I’ve swallowed a pill.


Occasionally it back fires and I’m left in the kitchen with the apple sauce jar coughing and pounding my chest because the tiny pill, the itty bitty little thing has gotten lodged in my throat… Sometimes you never win.

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  1. char! me too! I freak out when I have to take pills, like I’m gonna choke and die. I swear by children’s medicine. My mom used to get soo pissed at me. My question is – what happens when we’re super old and need pain killers? How we gonna do it?

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