Cheap Date Night Friday

I’m aware that it is indeed Monday, but I’ve been busy. Cheap date night-Friday went pretty well. Colby and I hit up some more book stores in Springfield. I bought: House on Pooh Corner, Huckleberry Finn, Stellaluna, and Trump. We went to the 5.50 bin at walmart and bought the movie Basic, which is pretty good. We also took a walk around a park that we have considered getting married at next summer. Its a very pretty park with a rose garden attached. All in all a pretty perfect end to a pretty perfect cheap date night.

Oh yeah and we went to this one book store named: Book Jungle. It was SCARY. It had no windows, we walked in and there was a man sitting to our left and he spoke very very softly. Creepy. So we go into the “book jungle” Actually it was named rather well, because it was a freaking maze. It was very hard to get through on the itsy bitsy path. I felt like the farther I walked in- the farther I got away from freedom- and the closer I was to having some sort of bars slide down behind me locking me in. I was scared, but I managed to find the children’s books, and Colby came around the corner and I started laughing….A nervous, I’m scared of the creepy soft spoken guy in the corner, can we go now – laugh.

Me: “heheheee?”
Colby: “Shhhh…he might kill us.”
Me: ” I know I’m getting that vibe too!”
Colby: “Let’s go.”
Me: “BUT look how freaking cheap these books are!!!”
Colby: “Sir, do you take debit cards?”

Creepy Side Show Guy: “No cash only please, or I’ll be forced to grind your bones.”
Colby: “Char-Marie he only takes caaassssh.”
Me: “Are you Effing kidding? Look at all these books I have!” *they were stacked to my knees.*
Colby: “Aww well, some other time, let’s go.”
ME: “Ok…..But…”
Colby: “Let’s go!”

I have a feeling that we’ll never go back.

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  1. Hey Char-Marie,
    How do you guys find these places?
    I enjoyed breakfast with you too hoodlums, and I am very sorry about your sweet little ear…
    I am gonna catch you asleep and i am gonna remove the piercing…

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