Couldn’t you just eat her up?

Ahh its good to be a baby
Originally uploaded by Char-Marie.

Look at those lips! She is the most precious thing i’ve ever seen. The birth was amazing! She is very good natured…so far. She never cries, just looks around to see what’s going on. She snorts too, which is adorable.

Ohhh man I love that little girl!

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  1. Hi Sister,

    Wow, she beautiful Girl. Whoa!!!! You become Aunt and I come Uncle that is so coool!!! LOL. Kyle my Bro. will be shocked to see this beautiful girl that he will ever forget smiling. She is an angles. Smiling. Ohhh by the way I think that my wife is pregant for the 3rd child.. guess when due???? March 2007…My birthday, My daughter 3 birday. and 3rd baby will be due march.. I will keep you up post. adn I will have my wfie to see that picture. So happy. How storie sister doing??? I truly wish that Kyle was here to see that. They are made for each other for life time. I love you and Very proud of you both Storie and Kyle, and Welcome home Maggy Marie!!! I truly glad that you name her Maggy, I know Maggy will be so proud to see her and knowing that her name too. I am sad but happy smiling. Bless all the family how lucky we have today. Truly glad I got to be in your life. Soon will meet my family and will have a great big family.

  2. Isn’t she lovely, isn’t she heaven sent! (stevie wonder) you really need to listen to that song now.
    She is so beautiful. She looks like her momma. Tell Stori that we have been thinking about her.
    Love ya,
    Momma Jennings

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