Cheap Date Night Thursday

Well last night we went on our cheap date night. We really didn’t have any crazy things happen like most cheap date nights, but it was a fantastic cheap date night. First we went to J Parinos a small Italian restaurant here in Springfield. The food was excellent, we had shirmp florentine with flash fried spinach to start off with. Colby had chicken marsala, and I had tilapia in a white wine lemon sauce. Mmm soo good.

We got to sit and chat just a little bit, then decided to go to Barnes and Noble to look at some books. While at Barnes and Noble we had some starbucks..A grande coffee for Colb, and a Vanilla Bean Frap for me. I bought: The Cement Garden by Ian Mcewan, it sounds to me like a very good book, I’m going to get that read before school starts on Tuesday. Oh and I also bought Women’s Health magazine, I’m really serious when I say that this year I’m toning these thighs.

Oh yeah, and might I add that it wasn’t really cheap date night, because it wasn’t cheap. Colby took me to a fantastic dinner. I love my boyfriend, he’s wicked cool.

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  1. Hey Charmin,
    I think your boyfriend is awesome too… I love you both, and I had a fantastic Saturday at your place… Your boyfriend is a fantastic cook too I might add..
    Can’t wait to see you guys..

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