I was like, "AHH TURN HER OFF!!"

Wednesday night I had Miss Mag………… Overnight. She is the most beautiful baby I’ve ever seen, but one dirty diaper later I was saying, “You’re too pretty for this! What happened?” At one point in the night I was changing her diaper and I look away for a second to grab a wipe and turn back around and It looks like Mag has installed a sprinkler system!

“Ahh COlby HElp!”

“What do you want me to do?!”

” I don’t know, TURN HER OFF!”

So then we proceeded to change her outfit, and clean up the piddle that was now on our new carpet…*I love you Mag* Then we went for round two.

After our excitement little Mag was worn out, so she went fast to sleep. I slept on the pull our bed, with Mags next to me….Securely next to me. Every time she would Coo I’d be looking at her to make sure everything was ok. See its not just the crying that keeps you awake it’s knowing that you have a tiny baby you’re taking care of, so for the next eighteen + years of your life you’ll never have a restful night cause you’ll always be worrying. That’s why I’m going to have puppies instead.

Around 1:45 she started to figet and I picked her up and gave her a bottle, then I decided to change her diaper, she whizzed all over everything again. So now it’s 3:30, I’ve changed her outfit again, and I’m lying on a wet sheet- Wondering if I’ll tell anyone about this…..You knew I would.

Mag is currently on her way to Ft. Benning, GA to see her daddy for the first time, I’m so happy for Stori and Miss Mag. It’s family day in boot camp! Yeehaw.

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