My 2 year old!

Dear Emery Jack,

A lot has happened since my sweet little boy has turned two. We had a wonderful birthday party, which I know I blogged about, but it’s not here….weird. We had a great birthday party complete with lots of trains and cars and tractors. You LOVE riding your “bikes”. So many people were at your birthday party to share the excitement with you. You sat at the table in a big boy chair and were SO excited when you saw your “Happy Cake” You love when people sing happy birthday, in fact, you will just break out into “Happy Birthday” while we’re at restaurants or driving in the car. You like to sing it to ever person you can remember ever meeting- Including the cat.

You are such a wonderful little boy and bring so much happiness into our lives. Thinking of our lives without you seem so dull and boring in comparison to what we were missing. We are so in love with you. You are so sensitive to others and get very worried if you think someone is upset or hurt. You ask “Better Mama?” over and over again until I tell you I’m ok, even if I wasn’t upset to begin with. You are very in tune to people’s tones in their voice. For instance in the car while driving now, I cannot be frustrated with other drivers like I used to. If I say anything with any tone other than my normal tone you get upset and ask me if I’m better. I now have to tell people their crazy drivers with a smile on my face.  You’re doing a great job of making me be a better person. I consciously have to think about how I conduct myself every second of my life when I’m with you, it shouldn’t be any other way, but I realize that’s why some moms go nuts. Sometimes you need to be allowed to be frustrated. 🙂

When you turned 25 months old we moved to Ozark, MO and live about 5 duplexes down from your Uncle Jake and Gina. You did very good with the move and I’m so glad because at first you couldn’t understand why we weren’t going home. I kept having to take you to your bedroom and explain to you that we are home, these are your things. You also had your very last day of daycare with all of your friends: Ayden, Jorja, and Ethan. You ask about them still and get our your play cell phone and call them up every once and a while just to chat. I have a picture of all four of you hanging on our refrigerator so we can talk about them when we have dinner. I struggled with the thought of taking you out of daycare because these were the first friends you had ever made and I was taking you away from everything you knew. You seem to be doing ok though. Maybe this will come back to haunt me when you’re a teenager and you look back on your blossoming social life :). I hope not.

We recently went on our first vacation as a family to Los Angeles, California. The Jennings’ side of the family packed up to see your GG and Uncle Daron because he has cancer and doesn’t want to be far from his doctors. So we brought the party to his doorstep 🙂

You did AMAZING. Such a trooper you were. You turned 26 months old the first full day were were there. We went to the beach and you got buried up to your armpits by Uncle Jake and Uncle Matt. You even helped them by packing sand around yourself. You loved it! The memories we continue to make with you every day I delicately fold away and put in my pocket to keep with me always.

I picked you up from your Sissy’s house the other night after dad and I had a date night out and you looked at me and said, “Mama, I so happy to see you!” You melt my heart.

I love you so very much!



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