Running On Sugar Water, And The Possibility That I Might Really Make It Some Day.

So today I had my second checkpoint for the HUGE project I’ve been working on. My partner and I sat down to talk about what we had done with the teacher, and she absolutely tore it apart. I sat there listening to her rant and rave about how we didn’t do anything and why weren’t we doing this and this looks like a third grader done it.

Sometimes I wish I had never stepped foot into the education department. The stress is insane, and I feel like I’m treated like a first grader- at times. I wanted to scream and tell her that there aren’t enough hours in the day to make this assignment “Perfect” instead I just let my eyes well up and started trying to hold back tears. She asked me if I had a job, and I barely got out-“Yes, I have two jobs.” She looked at me and said, “I have a new found respect for you, you can go now.”

I feel like all my time is devoted to this and I feel so strongly for the career I have chosen to take on, at times it is overwhelming, but eventually it will all be worth it…. It has to be.

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