Happy 2nd Birthday to my Love.

Dear Emery Jack,

The past month has been a crazy one. We’ve managed to have your birthday party, I finished my last official day as a teacher, although I feel like I’ll always be a teacher at heart and I’ll always be teaching you.

We started off your birthday by singing as I got you up to go to daycare. I was devastated to
drop you off because I didn’t want to be away from you on your birthday. I took you to the grocery store early so we could have ¬†doughnut holes and buy some treats to take to daycare so it could be a “special” day. You got to bring apples and watermelon. Miss Sharon said you all loved it. When I picked you up from daycare I asked you if you had a great birthday and you said, “YEAH!” We walked out of the daycare singing Happy Birthday. We went home and I made Rigatoni for dinner and your Nana, Papa, and Giddy came to dinner that night. Uncle Kyle, Aunt Stori, Maggie, and Macee came too. That night we all played in the backyard throwing the football and playing with the bouncy balls and bubbles. It was a wonderful day for your daddy and I because you were so happy. We love to see you laugh, you make us So incredibly happy and proud.

The following Saturday we had a train birthday party for you.¬†You were so excited to get to open all of your gifts. All day long you were singing “Happy to you, Happy to YOU!” It is so wonderful to see you smile and be so happy. Your big gifts this year were things to ride on. We got your a cozy truck to drive around. You like to put your angry birds in the back with your trains and drive around the house. You also got a tricycle from Aunt Stori that you love to drive around. Your feet don’t reach the pedals, but you still love to scoot yourself around the house.

You are getting so big. This past month you’ve been singing “Twinkle, Twinkle”, The ABC’s when you get to QRS you skip to Y and Z. When I first heard you sing it by yourself I almost cried, when did you became such a big kid? You love to play with your angry birds and sometimes I worry that when you get older you’ll think anything that isn’t electronic is boring. I’ve cut you back on your technology for that reason, but also because I like to play with you and sometimes when you’re playing those games you tune everything else out including your mommy.

Our lives are about to change immensley due to the fact that you’ll be getting to stay home with me and I’m opening my own business. I hope this shows you that you can do anything. I went to school to be a teacher and since I’ve had you my eyes opened up to the parent side of teaching. It’s a little disheartening and I want to spend as much time with you as possible. I also will be working from home and it’s a huge leap of faith to go into business for yourself, but with the support of your daddy I know we’ll be just fine.

I love you to the moon and back, Emery.



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