Month 25, 26, 27.

Dear Emery Jack,

I’ve been lacking on my timing and I hate that because I don’t want to miss writing down anything that has happened in the past few months, but at the same time I’m too busy living what’s going on to take time out to write about it. 🙂 I’ll try to sum up our past few months.

I’ve already blogged about May and June (we went to California in June) so I’ll begin with July.

July was a great month! You’ve been getting so big and continue to amaze your daddy and I daily. For the fourth of July we went to Aurora to spend it with Nana, Papa, Giddy, Maggie, Macee, Uncle Kyle, and Sissy(Aunt Stori). We went to our friends house in the country and had a wonderful BBQ at Charley and Britney’s. You had fun playing with all of Brayden’s cars and chasing around all the other kids at the house. When it started getting dark outside we decided we’d try out fireworks. I knew you weren’t going to be thrilled because Uncle Jake, Gina, you, and I went to see some fireworks in Republic earlier in the week and you squeezed me so hard and made me put my hands over your ears. For a brief moment I had you convinced that they were not scary and that in fact they were Angry Birds flying through the sky. It only fooled you long enough for you to point at them and laugh nervously before you buried your head in my arm pit.

So, needless to say, you spent the evening clinging to me and saying, “Go bye-bye.” over and over. At one point in the night I stood up and let go of you and you were stuck to me like a little spider monkey. It was time to go :).

That next weekend we spent with the Jennings’ side of your family. It was a pool party and you had such a great time. We played all afternoon in the pool and you were so wore out, but insisted it was time to go back in the pool.

Swimming lessons at the OCC

July also marked your first swimming lessons at the Ozark Community Center here in Ozark where we moved to. You went for two weeks M-TH from 11:00-11:30. You have really worked hard for Chelsea our swim instructor, but were very polite when you didn’t want to put your face in the water telling her, “No thank you.” She was impressed by how polite you were. We finished swim lessons two days ago and you’ve been asking about swimming every day since then. We did buy a family pass for the year at the OCC so we’ll be swimming all year round since it’s a heated indoor pool! Your daddy got to see you swim this past week since he’s done with work and you were so excited. We took you in the lazy river to work on your arm strokes and you said, as you were flailing your arms, “Look daddy I FWIMMIN!” You were so proud of yourself!

Yes Love, you’re number 1. 

Today is Maggie’s birthday party she turned six years old yesterday. I cannot believe that your Aunt Stori has a six year old. What’s harder to believe is that when you are six years old Maggie will be 10! Time goes by far too quickly.

Emery Jack, I love you to the moon and back!



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