Month 28- A little late…

Dear Emery Jack,

I’m going to quit explaining why I’m always late writing these posts… I’ve come to the conclusion that I’ll always be late 🙂

The past month has been a great one! You are such a talker. You would talk our ears off if we let you— most of the time you do. You are becoming so curious to how things work and how your actions effect things. The fact that I’m able to stay home with you still blows my mind because your daddy and I never thought one of us would be able to stay home with you. When I’m around you so often I don’t think I notice the changes as much as your grandparents might.

The past month you have grown up so much so that when I give you kisses after a nap or first thing in the morning you tell me, “No, Mama don’t kiss me.” or “No, Mama don’t hug me.” When did you become a teenager? Still, you always ask me to kiss your booboos if you get hurt and they normally make things all better.

Another crazy thing that happened this month was when daddy came home one night right before it was time for dinner and was hugging you and playing with you. When dinner was ready daddy picked you up off of his lap and somehow your little elbow popped out of place. We had no idea why you were crying- daddy wasn’t rough with you and he didn’t hear anything pop. We were so worried about you. I had to go get a scarf I had and wrapped it around your little body to hold your arm close to your it. We left the house immediately both of us feeling sick about it, our poor little baby was in so much pain and you kept asking me to kiss it. When we got to the hospital we kept having to explain what happened and eventually they decided it was your elbow (apparently it is extremely common in kids from 2 to 4 it’s called Nursemaid’s Elbow) You had to have x-rays and I couldn’t go in with you so daddy took you in and I could hear you screaming all the way out in the hallway where I was sitting. I so much hate to hear my baby cry, especially when you’re in pain. It was a really rough day, but really rough on your daddy, so I had to be the strong one and try to console both of my boys. After, we got the x-rays back they confirmed it was your elbow and the nurse began to try to pop your arm back in place. It broke our hearts. You were screaming and then you said something that broke my heart and made me laugh inside as well. You told the nurse as she was trying to pop your arm back into place to, “Don’t bite your friends.” This is something that we’ve been telling you to make sure you’re being a nice boy and I think you decided that since she was hurting you and you weren’t sure why to ‘not bite her friends’.  As soon as she had it in place you immediately started using it again and acted like you had never been in pain. You were a whole new boy! After we were done your Uncle Jake and Gina met us at the hospital and we went to dinner because our dinner was sitting on the kitchen table untouched.
Another new thing this month is lack of sleep. You have decided that you do not want to go to bed and you cry and cry and scream for us to hold you. It absolutely kills me to hear you. I normally put you to bed after we read a few books then I go take a shower so I don’t have to hear you so upset. You were pretty sick a few weeks ago and you slept in our bed for three or four days. Now, you think you need to be with us all the time. If you were a sound sleeper and didn’t roll and kick all through the night I may have considered it, but NO ONE sleeps when you’re in our bed. I am going to switch your bed into a toddler bed and pray that this makes you want to sleep in your own bed. 
You’ve also started trying to use the potty more. I’ve been a little lax on making you go on the potty, but when you ask to go then we’re in there right away! You have pooped on the potty the past few days. I have been giving you iced animal crackers with sprinkles if you go on the potty. You call them “Happy Birthday Crackers.” *but it sounds like- (Happy dirday tackers)
One more thing before I close this letter to you… Your daddy and I love you very much, we think you are an amazing little boy and we know you’re going to make an amazing big brother. You are going to have a sibling in May and the thought scares the hell out of me, but I know our love will grow. There are going to be so many things you’ll be able to teach your new little brother or sister and I know you’ll be wonderful in that role. You told me about a month ago that you wanted to have a little brother then said, “That would be fun, huh?!” 
It’s definitely going to be a crazy ride, but we’ll all get through it together and we’ll have another precious baby for it. 

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