Month 29

Dear Emery Jack,

This past month has been a crazy one. I cannot believe we’re adding to the family and I must admit when I first found out that I was pregnant I was so happy, but a little piece of me was worried that you might feel like you were being left out. I never EVER want you to feel like you are less than amazing. You are the best thing that ever happened to your dad and I. Now we’re just adding another amazing person to our brood 🙂

A few days ago we were driving in the car with the windows down and you heard a little kid outside, you immediately yelled, “I hear the baby everybodies!” You also think that you have a baby in your belly which makes me laugh.

The sweetest kid I know. 

Another thing we tried this past month was gymnastics. You absolutely loved it, but since I’ve not been feeling well and we had been doing so much swimming we opted out of gymnastics until we slow down a little. I promise that we’ll soon get you into another program where you can jump to your hearts desire, “like Superman” as you would say. There are going to be so many doctor bills coming up and we just made the executive decision to wait until next Fall to begin something like that. By then you’ll be able to grasp the concept a little better and know that there are more things to it than bouncing, even though bouncing is why I like it too.

Sitting on your “spot” waiting patiently for your turn. 
“Look Mama I bouncing!”

I’ll leave you with a few things you’ve said to me this past month:

  • I went to get you in the morning after hearing you talking in your room this is what you told me, “Mama I was crying. (You were? Why were you crying?) Cause a ‘pider was talking to me. A ‘cary one. (A scary spider was talking to you? Was he nice?) Yaaaassss.”
  • “Thank you for sharing your apple juice with me. It makes me happy.”
  • “Welcome to Sodor!”
  • “No spider, NO don’t kickle (tickle) me!” — This one had me worried.
  • “I’m gonna save the day!”
There are, I’m sure, many more, but these stood out to me. 

I love you to the moon and back!



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