Emery Jack is 2 1/2!! Month 30.

Dear Emery Jack,

Today you are 2 1/2 years old. Time flies my love. You are spending a few days at your Nana and Papaw Jennings’ house. I can’t actually hug you and give you love today, but I am absolutely sending sweet vibes your way. I told your Nana this morning to give you a 2 1/2 birthday kiss from me.

You are the absolute light of my life and I cannot imagine not having your sweet face around. I am always so happy to come into your room in the morning to snuggle you when you wake up and listen to your “dreams” you had that night. Your most recent dream that you told me about was walking to the park with Nana and reading books, “LOTS of books”. It amazes me that at 2.5 you are sharing with me the dreams you had the night before. Now, whether they’re truly dreams or just imagination working overtime we’ll never know, but either way it’s pretty great.

You don’t look thrilled, but I promise you love it!
My not so cowardly lion 🙂

This past month we went to a party thrown for your Great Gma Dot. Everyone got to dress up in costume and you dressed up as Mickey Mouse. You absolutely fell in love with the outfit when I took you to party city to decided on a costume. You decided early on that you wanted to be a pumpkin, but when you saw that it was possible for you to be Mickey Mouse you were sold. It is a very cute costume, it has ears, gloves, and a body suit. You are obsessed with the gloves, I even caught you eating your Cheez-its with your gloves on. A friend of ours also gave you a costume that her little boy grew out of it’s a lion. It is adorable! You tried it on a few days ago and it’s been really warm for this late in October you were sweating and I told you we needed to take it off. You had HUGE tears and said, “Please don’t take it off!” So you wore it for a few more minutes. 🙂

Lots of family on Nana Cookie’s side.

I love you to the moon and back!



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