That’s My Name, Don’t Wear It Out!

Two days ago I had recess duty and I was standing out in the blistering cold looking around at all the kindergarten kids, when one small boy walked up to me, and this conversation ensued:

Kid: Who are you?
Me: Miss *****.
Kid: Oh, I think you’re pretty…
Me: Huh?
Kid: I said I think you’re pretty! I mean, well, actually I think you’re HOT!
Me: What?!
Kid: Every time I see you I’m going to call you Miss Hottie! Miss Hot that’s your name.
Me: Go play.

Not one minute later he comes back with his kindergarten gang.

Kid: (pointing at me) See that’s the one, the one I call hot. I think you’re hot, Miss Hottie!
Me: You’re SIX- GO PLAY. My name is Miss ****!

This kid was a kindergartner! What is this world coming to?

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  1. So Miss Char-Marie….leave good-o-Wal-Mart and you have nothing exciting to share with the world huh? HEHE…just kidding. I miss you sooooo much at work, its rediculous! Anyhow, hope you are still doing well (since yesterday) and how about an update to all those readers who DON’T talk to you on the phone every day!! Miss you bunches.

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