Filling in the gaps. Almost 36 months!

Dear Emery Jack,

Here we are just 16 days before your third birthday and so much has happened since I’ve last posted, imagine that.

Christmas happened and that was really exciting. You were so excited when you woke up from your “big boy bed”, yes you’re sleeping in your own big boy bed and we haven’t had a single problem since we switched you over in January, we made sure that we had the camera ready when you walked into the living room. You barely finished opening one present before you were asking, “What’s next?!” After all the presents were open (Leap pad 2, art easel, lots of dinosaurs) your favorite thing was a $3.00 squishy angry bird that we put in your stocking. We lost it in the wrapping paper mess and you almost had a melt down while we were searching through the endless paper for it. We did find it and it’s still something that you insist on going to bed with every night.

Another wonderful thing we found out right before Christmas was that you were going to be getting a little SISTER! It was such a shock to your dad and me because there hasn’t been a little girl born on daddy’s side for 70+ years. I was particularly excited because I’ve always called you my favorite boy and the thought of not getting to say it anymore kind of made me sad. So, now I have a favorite boy and a favorite girl! It’s been quite the adjustment in our household all of the sweet little pink things floating about. You are so sweet and so excited to meet your baby sister and you tell us all the time that you love her and that she can share “Monnie” your blanket. Her name will be Cecilia Grace.

Here’s how we told you:


  • You are now potty trained and have been since February. We started working on this in January and you are doing amazing! NO MORE DIAPERS!! 
  • You sleep in your own bed and you do incredibly well. 
  • You know all of your colors, letters (even some lowercase), and your numbers to 10. You even know how to write the letters: I, H, J, X, O, V, Y, U. 
Funny/ Sweet things you’ve said: 
  • You walked out of the bathroom about a month ago and were clearly having an issue pulling up your pants and when I came to help you you told me, “Sometimes things are Wonderfully Complicated.”
  • I love you mama. That’s because you’re beautiful. 
  • Don’t ever ever let me go. 
  • You’re my bestest friend in the WHOLE WORLD. (except it sounds like wuld)
  • Catastrophe! 
  • Awww come on, I was only kidding!
  • Good-bye World. (When the sun was going down on one of our drives you started bawling and saying, “Good-bye, world!” I explained to you that just because the sun was going down didn’t mean the world was ending. 
  • Mama, do you know I love you?
  • I missed your sweet hugs and your sweet kiss.
This past Saturday, April 6th your Uncle Jake and Aunt Gina got married! You looked absolutely adorable in your tux dressed just like your handsome daddy. You wanted to dance with all the “Beautiful Ladies” and I’m pretty sure the feeling was mutual. 🙂
In a couple of weeks we are going to be celebrating your birthday with a Jake and the Neverland Pirate party. I can’t wait! You are super excited and we mailed out the invitations today. This is the last birthday you’ll have with it just being just the three of us. Next year at this time we’ll be planning a 4 year old birthday and a 1 year old birthday- I cannot believe it.
Daddy and I love you so much Emery Jack! You are the brightest, best boy we know and we cannot wait to see what the future holds for you. 

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