The Braun VoxBox Arrived!

My Braun VoxBox from Influenster showed up yesterday on my doorstep and I was so excited to dig in to see what awaited me (I already knew, but it was still cool!).

Here’s what the box looked like:


And here’s what was inside:

photo (2)


I really loved this thermometer. I’ve taken it out and tried it on my kids and myself and I’m pleased with the backlighting and the fact that it is color coded Green- No Fever, Yellow- Low Grade, Red-Fever. The forehead thermometer that I currently have been using did not have a back light so I always had to find my phone in the middle of the night or turn on the lights and risk waking everyone in the house up, but with this new thermometer from Braun there is no need to wake up anyone. Super easy to use, light weight compared to my old thermometer. Love it.

If you’re not sure what Influenster is, it’s a website ( that you go to and do reviews of products and take surveys. Occassionally you might qualify, based on your answers/demographics, to receive one of these VoxBoxes full of products to test out totally complimentary of influenster all you have to do is review the products. **I am in no way affiliated with Influenster.**

Also there is a $10 rebate if you go online to



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