‘Tis the season.

Christmas is right around the corner and even though I do love this time of year I’ve not really been in the holiday spirits. Have I been drinking spirits? Yes. I thought being in our own home this year would really get me excited for the holidays and it has, but even with 6 inches of snow on the ground it doesn’t feel like Christmas is a few weeks away.

Maybe it’s because I didn’t fight the holiday crowd this year and chose to do all of my shopping from the comfort of my own home. Online shopping is amazing, but my mail lady, I’m sure, would beg to differ. Thursday with all of the ice coming down she waddled up to my house carrying 5 packages one pressed between her shoulder and chin.

Or maybe it’s because I’m starting to feeling those winter blues creep in and I hate it. I feel like I’ve got minimal patience with my family, my kids, my poor husband and I’m not doing anything well. I’m just doing a whole bunch of things half-assed. Being a perfectionist sucks especially when you can’t do everything the way you want. I’m trying to work on that part of my personality, but it runs really deep.


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Someone Once Told Me, "Life is Good."

Is it odd that I’m sitting in a sweater, wearing a sweatshirt, and sipping butterfinger hot chocolate that my gran got me, and alternating that with cranberry juice— while listening to Christmas music. I’m in the spirit. I’m so ready for that time of year, because that means the school stuff I’m dealing with is about over, AND the fact that it’s my very favorite time of the season helps a lot!

This year I’m truly hoping for a miracle. I want everyone who reads this post to say a little prayer for my dad, who’s having a little difficulty dealing with some things. He is really falling back down into the depression, and with everything I have I want him to be better. I want him to love life, and the people who are in it. Throughout a lot my parents have been my rock, and I’m desperately trying to be his. I just need to know the way. I know one way or another I’ll find it, and bring him back to where he needs to be, my dad once said the reason he was gifted with Stori and I were because we were going to do something great, and I believe him. My greatness will come when my dad is better and back to loving life…….because, isn’t that what it’s all about?

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