Jeepers Creepers-Where’d you get those peepers?

Today was the Halloween party at school. I dressed up as a rag doll. It was a crazy day, complete with puking, peeing, crying, and eating. Yes, all the things that really make a true party. I realized that adult parties, and children parties are a lot alike in many ways.

There’s the drink that everyone is interested in and eventually that leads to some form of bodily fluids strewn about.

The fighting over someones properties such as: a spouse, keys to your car, or a paper plate mask that you worked so hard on until it was ruined by the kid who thinks he’s a dinosaur and your mask ended up being in the “destruction zone.”

The clothing that always ends up missing at the end of the party. Like the shirt you lose because “It’s too effing hot to breathe”- plus you like the way the wind hits you, or the spiderman belt that keeps your pants up… That could go either way.

Yes all in all it was an interesting day.

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Wish List

The other day I walked into the IPA Educational Supply Store…..*Cue the singing from above…* It was amazing. I’m definitely starting to feel like a real teacher. Seriously, for instance the other day when the toilet paper ran out I thought to myself: Could I use this roll for something? I think about that with everything now.

Tonight for an entire hour I made a wish list of all the things that I want for my classroom off of the IPA website. Just for fun I thought I’d link it to my blog…. : )

Feel free to scroll through!

Have fun!

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Are you smarter than a fifth grader?

Alright I know I’ve been away for awhile, but give me a break! Since I’ve last blogged I have accepted a job teaching 5th grade near Kansas City, MO. I’m super excited, but a little nervous. I haven’t stepped foot in a fifth grade class since I was in fifth grade! The only thing I can remember about fifth grade was that our class pet was a Madagascar hissing cockroach.

I’m going to make it, but may not make it out with any hair. I’ve already started buying things to get my room ready. I thought in the beginning that I would have a kindergarten class, but it turns out fifth grade was in my future. So I’m stuck with Dr. Seuss, I hope fifth grade likes the theme….because I have lots of cute-sy stuff. Ehh.. So if you find something you’d just LOVE to contribute to my room I’d be delighted! I’m so extremely excited, nervous, and anxious all in the same breath. Wish me LUCK…I’ll need it.

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I know it’s been a long time since I posted, but I have been so busy with school stuff and wedding stuff! The girls have been fitted for their dresses and now we’re basically just waiting for the day! I am extremely excited about getting everything started.

I have received a few e-mails asking me how kindergarten is going now that I’m in charge- it’s going fantastic! I love being at school it doesn’t feel like just another job. One little boy at recess today grabbed my hand as we were walking outside and said, “Miss can we talk?” I said of course we can. He said, “OK, what do you want to talk about?” I replied: anything you want. He was holding my hand looking at my ring and talking about what a pretty ring I had. He wanted to talk about everything under the sun. We played I spy, and he told me about his business he was going to open up called FAMILY FUN. I told him that was awesome and could he please hire me someday? He said, “Sure Miss, but if you die before it opens then you can’t work there.” To which I replied, “I’ll try not to do that!”

Today I was offered my very first teaching position- 2nd grade. I’m giving it a few days and making sure that’s what I want. EXCITING!!!!!

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An Endless Sea of Questions

Once again, I’m sick. I feel terrible, like I have two big bowling balls in my chest! Now this would be fantastic if they were in the forms of boobs, but it’s not even like that. I have a chest cold and in return it has cost me my voice. Tomorrow I have to teach the kindergartners all by my lonesome, and they’re definitely going to take advantage of this fine opportunity.

Sometimes I feel so claustrophobic in the middle of all of them, they swarm you and overwhelm you with a million questions that have absolutely nothing to do with the task at hand. “Whens snack? Do you like diamonds? I got new bunk beds this weekend. Want to come and see? Psst here’s my phone number”…. And I replied, “Am I supposed to call you?” She said, “Yeah, you know to talk and stuff.”

I’m tired.

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That’s My Name, Don’t Wear It Out!

Two days ago I had recess duty and I was standing out in the blistering cold looking around at all the kindergarten kids, when one small boy walked up to me, and this conversation ensued:

Kid: Who are you?
Me: Miss *****.
Kid: Oh, I think you’re pretty…
Me: Huh?
Kid: I said I think you’re pretty! I mean, well, actually I think you’re HOT!
Me: What?!
Kid: Every time I see you I’m going to call you Miss Hottie! Miss Hot that’s your name.
Me: Go play.

Not one minute later he comes back with his kindergarten gang.

Kid: (pointing at me) See that’s the one, the one I call hot. I think you’re hot, Miss Hottie!
Me: You’re SIX- GO PLAY. My name is Miss ****!

This kid was a kindergartner! What is this world coming to?

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Who Needs America’s Next Top Model?

Where else could you feel this fantastic? I absolutely love my kindergarten classroom. I walk in to pick up the kids around 8:30 from the gym and all I hear is, “Miss *****! You look so pretty today! Yes, you look beautiful. I love you.” I feel like a supermodel every time I come into school. They all want to hold your hand, carry your things, do anything in the world to please you.

The teacher I’m working with right now has breast cancer, and she is a HUGE inspiration to me. She has two young daughters, and is a fantastic teacher! She is all about the students, even though she should be staying home so she doesn’t catch anything. Soon she’ll be done with chemotherapy and have to have surgery, if anyone is reading this please send your thoughts and prayers to her and her family.

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Sleep Deprived

I am finally done with Wal-Mart…for the time being. I now can focus my time on the wedding and my kindergartners. Yes, I have kindergarten-again. I was supposed to be placed in a fifth grade classroom, but that didn’t work out either. I LOVE the school I’m in now, the staff is fantastic, and everyone is so nice. Plus I am able to be around a lot of student teachers and see how everything is going for them as well.

On a different note: I took my sister back to Kentucky Friday. I am absolutely exhausted- I had a great time while I was there, but the drive completely wore me out. I miss my Miss Moo SO MUCH! I have some new pictures to post of her and I will very shortly. She’s a love.

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Student teaching. Student teaching. Student teaching….This week I started student teaching with a first grade class. Upon entering the building I knew it wasn’t going to be very good. The first day not one single person spoke to me. At lunch I felt like the kid who got picked last for dodge ball, I sat there all alone looking around and no one introduced themselves or even smiled at me. The teacher I was helping informed me that she was a perfectionist, and I realized then this is my hell. Things went on and now I’m no longer in that room. I’ll now be transferred to a fifth grade classroom. There is much more to this story, but its not worth going into right now because I’m getting ready to eat and I’m watching House.

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All Work and No Play…

I’ve decided to give Wal-Mart the finger. Well, not entirely…I’m going on leave of absence for student teaching. I’ll start said leave of absence on February 2nd. I’m very excited because although I‘ll still be in working at student teaching, I’ll not really be working.

I’m very excited, this semester is going to fly by with teaching, planning the wedding, engagement parties, wedding showers, the wedding, actually getting married, the honeymoon, and moving to actually start our lives.

So yeah, I’m giving wal-mart the finger…

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