My name would be socz…

I was watching a show tonight on television that was about “gangsters” (I love those kind of shows), and they were listing all the names of the “gangsters”. A funny image popped into my head of all the guys sitting around in their makeshift forts discussing what they wanted to be called.


” So I was thinking maybe I should be called wicked, but not wicked with one k, Wickked with 2 k’s. Cause I’m not effin‘ around homes.”

“Nice, I really like that idea Wickked with 2 k’s. I was thinking since my name is Tommy, I should just tack on Gun to the end. I mean it’s pretty simple, everyone would remember it, it looks good in ink, and I can spell it.”

It’s really a funny vision in my head. I just felt the need to share it.

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Dear Readers,

I’m sitting in on a Friday night listening to pandora radio online *love it* when I should be doing a bit of cleaning. I’m trying to keep everyone up to date on events here in Washington and back home. My dad has made it out of the hospital and back home. Doctors are working on his test results, but it looks pretty good. He has to go to get medication fixed next week. Thanks for all the prayers.

I had a pretty exciting day! We took the preschool on a field trip to the County Fair. 🙂 It’s a lot like the fairs back home, except one little thing. No funnel cakes. NO FUNNEL CAKES! I realize they’re terrible for you, but it’s soul food. Anything that is bad for the body, but you absolutely love can be considered soul food in my opinion. Oreos are in that category too, by the way. Instead they have something North Westerners like to call “Elephant Ears”. I happen to think funnel cakes sound so much more humane.

I spent my day chasing fly away balloons, and consoling those who’s balloons could not be saved. It’s such a harsh world.


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These are a few of my favorite things.

I must say that this is probably my favorite time of the year. It has been raining for a few days here in Washington and this morning when I woke up there was a big rainbow outside my bedroom window. This time of the year is so exciting because all the things I love are rapidly approaching.

September it starts getting cool again and I can wear long sleeve shirts and jeans. October is fantastic because I LOVE decorating and all the festivals that go on and the smells that go along with it: Caramel Apples, Cinnamon, Apple Cider, and Hazelnut. I LOVE fall. Colby informs me that we’ll not have a “fall” here in Washington. I’m going to attempt to make it as ‘fall’ like as possible.

November- MY 25th birthday is coming up and I’m feeling like there might be a ‘quarter life’ crisis to go along with that. 🙂 I told Colby that might include needing to buy a Mini Cooper. It’s also Thanksgiving time- which will be a little sad this year considering we won’t get our home cooked family meals. I think we have something planned for Thanksgiving though, we might go to Seattle. It will be our first Thanksgiving alone together and as nice as it would be to be with our families we are a family now so that will be nice.

December- What can I say?! I’m so excited for December because that means we’ll be going back home. I’m so excited to see everyone again. I miss everyone SO much! And in January I’m going to Puerto Rico for 10 days! Amazing.

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Char-Marie-1. Insurance Company- 0.

Since I was hospitalized in February I have been fighting with the insurance company to pay my medical bills to no avail. I had been calling every day and talking with “Jim” the insurance guy and really feeling like I was losing this major battle. Yesterday I awoke just like every morning and went down stairs to start the round of calls I would have to make that day to see if anything was being done. *Keep in mind this is more than 5 months later and the hospitals wanted their money…

I called my mom and discussed my options, my grandma called and I had another ‘vent session’, I talked to Colby in tears because I felt like I was at the end of my rope. We had just received another 500.00 bill to be paid upon receipt. One of those. I didn’t know what we were going to do. Here I am looking for a new job in a new place, away from family and “Jose” from St. Joseph hospital wants his money, BUT “JIM” from insurance is giving him the finger and I’m trying to run intercept.

Well, I had just sat down to start filling out the complaint form against the insurance company, fully intent on running them into the ground… when Jim called,

JIM: “Hiiiii this is Jim (in a nasal-y voice) and I wanted to let you know that I did receive your fax and wanted to let you know that the claims department decided to pay 100%.”

Just like that. Very nonchalant, like this life changing event didn’t just take place in his little mind.

ME: “WHAT?! SHUT UP! Are you serious JIM!”

JIM: “Yeah. It should be going through sometime next week.”


JIM: “That’s quite alright Ma’am”

That insurance company doesn’t know how close that really was….Good job Jim, you saved your company.


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I miss my girl!

As most of you know Maggie is my little lovebug. I love Macee an equal amount, but Maggie has grown to be very attached to her Auntie Bub. When I went down to Aurora to see the family everything would stop and she didn’t pay attention to anyone else. Her second birthday is coming up and soon after she’ll be moving back to Tennessee. I won’t get to see the girls again until Christmas.

This is so HARD! Every time I call to talk to the family she finds out I’m on the phone and starts bawling. She tries to talk to me on the phone, but often it ends in tears.

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Colby and I are officially moved into our townhouse here on Washington State University Campus. I just have to say that I was a little nervous about being away from family, but I think we’ll do just fine. It’s so pretty here and the air is sweet. I definitely miss everyone, but right now there are so many things to do that I’m trying to keep my mind off of it.

I’m currently searching for a job. It looks like I might be a substitute teacher for the first year here in Washington, but maybe that’s for the better. I’ll have an opportunity to look into all the schools and see which school I’d like to be a part of next year.

Colby and I set up his studio here on campus tonight. He’s got a pretty sweet little space. I’m extremely proud of him.

*I’ll be posting pictures periodically.

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Leaving on a Jet Plane….

Just a quick little note to let everyone know what’s going on.

I am leaving in five days to move across the country to Washington. It’s getting very real very quick. I will still be blogging when we get to Washington. I will post lots of pictures. The blogging will be more frequent there because I know my family will want to know what’s going on.

See ya!

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You say Worshington, I say Washington…

This weekend we had a going away party at my in-laws house. We had a fish fry and everyone came out to party with us before we left- It was a good time had by all. After everyone had been talking for a while my mom spoke up:

MOM: “So Char, you’re going to Pullman, Washington, not Pulling?”

Me: “Mom, are you just figuring this out?”

Mom: “Well I thought that’s what you’ve been saying.”

Me: “No mom. We’re going to Pullman, not Pulling.”

Mom: “I didn’t say Pulling. I said Pullin‘. “

Me: “Oh, I’m sorry, drop the G. We’re moving to Pullman, Washington mom. Not PullinWorshington!”

You gotta love her!
I love you Mimsy!

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Back to School…

So, summer school has started. I went from fifth graders who know how to use the restroom properly to preschoolers….That’s right folks I said it, PRESCHOOL!!! Yesterday was my first day and I was a little excited about having the younger kids again, but after the my day was over I was questioning if I even wanted to have my own children. I forgot how exhausting it was to have the little ones. I MISS my fifth graders. I think I’m a fifth grade teacher at heart.

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